"Mr. Gersten worked from an impromptu music studio inside the Mmuseumm... where people handed him the papers through a window opening. The forms, posing questions personal and abstract, helped him explore a concept: Can you bottle a stranger’s essence in a song?"

- The New York Times

"I really love this album"

- Laurie Anderson, Art in America

"Gersten bends and contorts the idea of pop music, channeling his experimental music background into dreamy indie-pop."

- Rolling Stone

"A surprisingly listener-friendly outing for a musician who had until now devoted himself to challenging sounds."

- The New York Times

"At ‘Custom Melodies’, the song is never the same"

- The Wall Street Journal

"Music stars perform David Bowie Tribute at Radio City"


"An expression of love without bounds"

- The Fader

"We think it’s safe to say that there hasn’t been anything like this event in… well… ever."

- Time Out New York

"Artist and musician Grey Gersten is painting a picture of the human condition."


"Gersten was exploring, in real time, the very idea of the musician or producer as artist."


"Gersten’s style in particular sounds exactly like a dream
— something he just imagined."

- Interview Magazine

"It caused me to see and hear music anew"

- Rick Moody

"Helps make pop music, with all its warm feelings and endless connective potential, feel totally brand new"

- Consequence

"Compellingly bizarre, genuinely charming"

- Gizmodo

"A brainy groove that parcels out jiggling bass, spacey sonics set on rewind"


"Glimmering, lo-fi, slacker-pop"